• Assessment of the ecological quality of transitional and coastal waters with biotic indices (WFD 2000/60)

  • Mapping marine habitat types, e.g. underwater meadows of Posidonia

  • Seaweed farming for the production of functional foods, and their use as raw material for the production of nutritional supplements and cosmetics

  • Treatment technologies of liquid urban and industrial wastewater (antifouling) for bioenergy production

     Contact: Dr. Sotiris Orfanidis 

  • Determination and evaluation of physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic parameters of fresh and processed fish

  • Quality control of traditional processed fish (roe etc.)

  • Controls for the quality and nutritional value of processed fish

  • Production of new products and functional food from fish

  • Determination and evaluation of physicochemical parameters of fish food

  • Detection, isolation and production of high value added bioactive substances from catches or discards

     Contact: Dr. Nikos Stamatis

  • Heavy metal analyses in marine, lagoon, lake and terrestrial sediments to determine long-term pollution

  • Determination of water quality and assessment of eutrophication levels in marine and inland ecosystems

  • Determination of hydrodynamic circulation of coastal areas, lagoons and lakes with the use of mathematical models. Calculation of residence times and fluctuations of passive pollutant values in aquatic ecosystems

     Contact: Dr. Nikolaos Kamidis

  • Species Identification in seafood products

  • Assessment of quality of coastal and inland fisheries

  • Artificial reefs construction

     Contact: Dr. Grigorios Krey

  • Monitoring of the status of marketable fisheries in lagoons and lakes

  • Evaluation of hydrological and physicochemical parameters of lagoons and their correlation with fishery production

  • Development of management proposals for fisheries management of lagoons and lakes

  • Scientific support for the implementation of Directive 92/43 / EEC on the conservation of natural habitats of the wild fauna and flora

  • Scientific support for the implementation of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (fishing, transport, corrosion, etc.)

  • Impact assessment on protected species (dolphins, turtles, seals, cormorants) and scientific support in resolving conflicts between producers and protected species

     Contact: Dr. Manos Koutrakis

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